RossCode Weekly #023

posted on 10/22/05 at 01:18:16 am by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #023 - Week of 10.23.2005

Intro - 0:00
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Previously on RCW - 1:02
No VS 2005 on MSDN this past weekend (#022)
Publishers now joining Author's Guild in lawsuit?(#020)
GAIM to get voice and video?(#022)
XBox 360 controllers work on PC! (#017)

Oops - 3:07
I missed AOL's launch of their VoIP service?(#021)

News & Views - 3:50
AOL and Intelliseek team up to provide blog metrics
Apple launches new PowerBooks and new G5
AvantGo adds RSS support
Google drops G in Europe?(via Digg)
DVD Jon joins creator in San Diego
NetFlix delays online movie download
NFL and IBM to speed up process to republish highlights
VMWare player for free
RIM signs deal with Palm to license software for Treo 650
Accesss to phase out Palm OS

The Cold Wars - 9:52
Yahoo buys WhereOnEarth
eBay bans other online payment systems
Firefox hits 100,000,000 downloads
Opera 9 preview available
Flock launches
HP calls for Blu-Ray / HD-DVD compromise
Warner Brothers jumps ship to Blu-Ray camp
Open Office 2.0 was released
Google's profits nearly double!
MSN Messenger 8 ready for beta testing
Yahoo raises price of music service
AOL announces layoffs

The Grapevine - 18:54
A networked iPod?
Tim O'Reilly to announce a VC fund for Web 2.0 companies?
Real mulling acquisitions?

Bonehead of the Week - 20:31
Printing Companies

Next Week - 21:27

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