RossCode Weekly #021

posted on 2005-10-08 at 09:42:16 by Joel Ross

This is it! This is the week that RossCode Weekly moves to a podcast format, rather than written out as in the past. The shownotes are below and you can follow along.

Intro - 0:00

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Thanks to Jason Salas?for his support

Previously on RCW - 1:15

Palm planning Symbian Treo
iTunes for the PSP
Google not only one looking to do WiFi in San Francisco

News and Views - 2:44

Earthlink wins bid to provide WiFi for Philly
Cogent vs. Level 3
Comcast to stream two NHL games per night to customers
AIM Triton hits public preview
Build your own social software?- Ning
Yahoo in Consortium to scan books?- Public Domain only
My Yahoo supports Podcasting
Yahoo Publisher Network adding RSS ads
Feedster to release new product for ads in RSS feeds
MSN set to offer AdSense competitor
Office 12 to support PDF natively
Email: 30Gigs?- 30 GB
Email: MailNation - 1 TB
Dell to offer open source computer
Newsgator acquires NetNewsWire
Yahoo acquires sold to VeriSign
Weblogs, Inc. sold to AOL
Web 2.0 Conference - New Releases

The Cold Wars - 12:40

Paramount to support both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray
China to offer incompatible HD-DVD format
HP to ship Netscape on new computers
Firefox 1.5 beta 2 is out
Google Launches RSS Reader
Google combines local and maps
Google and Sun team up to offer Google's toolbar with the Java runtime

The Grapevine - 16:06

Google to offer online office suite
Gawker to be sold to News Corp?
Apple to announce something on October 12th
Apple to launch new power macs and Power Books
Apple has started production of the iPod Video
New iPods and High End Macs this month
Yahoo Blog search coming
Google to clone / buy Digg
Microsoft not to offer subscription music service
Motorola to release a non-iTunes phone
Netflix building download and?burn service

Bonehead of the Week - 21:01

Microsoft to offer one use DVDs
It's a Hoax!
Paul Thurrott for posting it

Next Week - 22:59

Another announcement from Apple?set for?October 12th?

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