RossCode Weekly #012

posted on 2005-08-08 at 00:43:52 by Joel Ross

Welcome to the 12th episode of the RossCode Weekly. Busy, busy weekend for me, so this'll be short and sweet!

For you ASP.NET developers out there, you'll want to check out the ASP.NET 2.0 Provider toolkit. It was released this week, and if you want to use the Provider model in your own apps, you'll want to check this out.

Yahoo was very busy this week. First item. They've released an API for their shopping software. That's pretty cool. You can pull price comparisons from the many Yahoo stores to get a good range of prices. That's pretty cool - you can do comparisons from one source!

It's in beta, but Yahoo is now competing with Google's AdSense. How will they pull people away from Google? Well, I'm going to try it, and we'll see how they compare. My guess is that, at least initially, they'll be paying a higher rate than Google does.

Last Yahoo item. They now have audio search. I haven't been able to find many good results, but in theory, this is cool!

Last week, I talked about the bad week that Firefox had. One of those items was that Greasemonkey was vulnerable. Well, that's fixed now. This latest release is the first one that fixes the bug and maintains backwards compatibility. It's still beta, but it's worth a look.

Sticking with the whole Firefox thing, Mozilla has started a corporate wing to manage the development and release of Firefox and Thunderbird. So far, the community has been very supportive. I guess we'll see if that continues. If they really start profiting from open source, will that hinder their popularity?

Ok. That's it. I'm way behind in feeds, but I think I caught most of the news. If not, I'll post a follow up tomorrow when I get caught up.

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