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posted on 02/12/06 at 12:34:19 am by Joel Ross

A little over a year ago, I posted my (at the time) current list of podcasts. Podcasting was just getting popular, and I was just starting to listen to them. Well, it's a year later, and podcasting is definitely more mainstream now.

And I'm doing my own podcast now too.

So, I figured it would be a good time to update my list and give you a little insight into what I listen to all day. They're in (rough) alphabetical order, but if you read the comments, you'll be able to pick up my favorites (bold ones is a good clue, but the true explanation is at the bottom of the post).

  • .NET Rocks. By far, the best technical .NET podcast out there. Carl Franklin gets the top guests and always has great shows. Even when the topic is about something I don't care about, it's still a good show. About 1 hour a week, usually Monday mornings.
  • Across the Sound: Steve Rubel and Joseph Jaffe talk about PR.?PR isn't my thing, but the podcast is pretty good anyway. It appears it's going to be undergoing some changes - Steve Rubel is leaving the show, so we'll see how that works out. About 1 hour per week and I haven't seen a pattern of releases yet.
  • Daily Source Code: Sometimes I wonder why I still listen to this one, but for whatever reason, it's still bubbles to the top of my queue. Maybe because it's short - I skip most of the music, and since Adam is at the center of the podcasting biz, it's a good listen. About 5 hours per week, usually every week day, although there are random weekend shows and it's not always daily.
  • AOL Sports Bloggers Live: The best sports podcast I've come across yet. It's actually on the radio first, and podcast second. I'm not sure where it's on the radio (not locally), but it is somewhere. 2 hours per week, on Tuesday morning and Friday morning. The show is Monday and Thursday nights, so unless you're up late, you don't usually get it until the next day.
  • CNET Tech News Podcast: A quick rundown of the daily happenings of the tech world. If you don't have time to follow the big sites, this is a good one to keep up. Less than one hour per week, depending on how many things happen in a week. It's 5 days a week, and most show are 10 minutes or less. Released in the afternoon.
  • ESPN Radio Podcast: A highlight clip show from the day in ESPN Radio. High quality, not much flow to the show. It's about an hour and a half a week, in five shows, released weekdays in the afternoon (although, a lot of times, two come out at the same time). Each show is about 20 minutes.
  • Geek News Central: I've been listening to this one from the beginning. Todd's gotten a lot better as he's gone along, and he's built quite a following. He's written a book about podcasting so he knows what he's doing. The show itself is about tech stories and tech news (much like RCW, but more analysis of each story, and therefore, less stories). Lately, it's been 2 hours a week, on Tuesday and Friday mornings?- one hour each. He strives for 40 minutes, but hasn't been hitting it lately.
  • Gillmor Daily and Gillmor Gang: I'm lumping these together because they're definitely related. Both are creations of Steve Gillmor and are part of the Podshow network (Adam Curry's company). The topics range, but stay in the tech field. Gillmor Daily is random, and shows run anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, and Gillmor Gang is roughly an hour a week, and usually is ready Monday morning.
  • Hanselminutes: A podcast mainly for .NET developers. It's from the minds of Scott Hanselman and Carl Franklin. The show is all content and not much fluff. Scott doesn't want to waste your time, so he gets right to the point. It's about 1/2 a week, and is released Wednesday mornings.
  • Mondays: The best comedy podcast I've found so far, although, admittedly, I haven't looked for many. The part I think I like the most about this one is that it's geeky comedy, something I appreciate. The segments are pretty good, and Mark Miller absolutely steals most shows. About 1 hour a week, usually Monday or Tuesday.
  • Morning Coffee Notes: You could argue this is the first podcast, but then you'd be taking sides in the Curry-Winer wars, wouldn't you? The show is on any range of topics, from politics (where he's well spoken even if you don't agree with him) to technology?- any major event will usually result in a Winer podcast. The show is released completely random, as is it's length.
  • Om and Niall PodSessions: A once a week show about the goings-on in the hi-tech world. Om is one of the best tech news analysts I read, and the show is good. My only recommendation to them is to change their naming format for the show: they use the date as the MP3 file name. If any other show did that, and they released on the same date, the shows will collide. Not good. Anyway, it's a once a week thing, usually mid-week, and about a 1/2 hour.
  • PodCheck Review: Every time I listen to podcasts, I look at what I have in my queue, and order it. Any time a PCR is in my queue, it's always the first one I listen to. The production quality is top notch.?I'm sure it helps that the one time I emailed Scott Fletcher, he answered within an hour and was very helpful and appreciative. The show is supposed to be once per week, early in the week, but since having a baby, he's been, umm, less than reliable, which, considering we had a baby in April, I completely understand. When he does a show though, it's usually about a 1/2 hour.
  • Polymorphic Podcast: Craig Shoemaker does an awesome job with his show. I think his intro is actually done by Scott Fletcher. Anyway, he does a very technical show (the most technical I listen to), and the topics are great. It's also rather random, and the shows are usually less than an hour.
  • Radio Go Daddy: It's a decent show. If you're looking for a filler show, this is the way to go. It's light hearted and funny at times. It's actually a 1 hour radio show with the founder of, and then a half hour of internet only content. The show is Wednesday nights, and is 1 and a 1/2 hour.
  • Diggnation: Everyone's heard of, right? Well, this is with the two founders of Digg (I think) and they talk about the most dugg stories of the week (as well as their beer). It's a light hearted, but informative, show. It's roughly an hour and is released Sunday night.
  • Skinny on Sports: It's a great show, and one I've been listening to since Adam Curry mentioned it well over a year ago. They are now part of Podshow, but they've kept their same format: It's a 10 minute show, and divided into quarters, so they talk about 4 main topics, and one overtime topic. They do have some field reports that run longer than 10 minutes, but for the most part, every Sunday you'll get the fastest 10 minutes on your iPod.
  • The ASP.NET Podcast: Another technical podcast, done by Sir Wally McClure (for the most part). This show started as the brain child of Jason Salas, but he was too busy to follow through. More than get into the details of code, this show is mostly interviews of some of the top developers in the .NET development community. It's been about an hour a week for a while, but it sounds like it will be down to about two hours a month for the start of 2006.
  • The Chris Pirillo Show: It took me a long time to get into this show, but I finally did. I'm glad I did because he has some great guests and is very entertaining. It's a techy show, but not too technical. It's?a three hour show that you can listen to live on Thursday nights, or you can wait and get them one hour at a time over the next week.
  • The Web 2.0 Show: A show about, well, Web 2.0. The new buzzword. I can't remember the last show - it's been almost a month - but I do remember that I liked it. Shows I think were less than an hour, and very random (was 2-3 per month).
  • This Week in Tech: Another weekly show. It's a discussion panel of?four people and they have some very good conversations. If the show name didn't give it away, it's a show about tech news. It's about an hour, and you usually get it sometime on Monday.
  • The Microsoft Show: Another random show about, obviously, Microsoft. It's usually short (10-15 minutes), and lately has only been released when something major happens in the Microsoft stratosphere. I think this is the only female podcaster on my list.

Some may wonder how on earth I can listen to so many podcasts. Adding it up, it's about 24 hours minimum a week, with some weeks bringing in more than that. Well, here's a little secret: I set my player speed to 2x in Windows Media Player. That alone could cut it down to 12 hours. I wish I could find software that can do that for the Pocket PC!?You see, there's certain podcasts that I've deemed worthy to be allowed on my Pocket PC, and those get listened to in the car or at the gym. Only the best ones though (those are in bold above).

Anyway, despite the sheer amount of podcasts I listen to, I find myself clearing my queue early in the afternoon just about every day. So, what am I missing? I'm pretty happy with my mix - I'm not looking to branch out and find podcasts on other subjects, like politics or news. I want to stay in either sports or technical podcasts. So what are your recommendations? And before you say IT Conversations, I've listened to quite a few of those too.?I just didn't add them to the list.

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