RossCode Picks - Week IX

posted on 11/03/05 at 09:38:41 pm by Joel Ross

This is a bitter sweet point in the season - it's now past the half way point of the season. After this week, 130 games will be complete - just under half. Including playoffs, there's 267 games all season. Anyway, here's my picks

  • Atlanta (-2) vs. Miami (40 O/U): Atlanta is a good team, and while Miami is getting settled into their two back game, Mike Michael Vick is going to take it to the Dolfins defense.
  • Carolina (-1) vs. Tampa Bay (36.5 O/U): Wow. Have a bad week, and all of a sudden the oddsmakers look down on you. The Bucs are a good team, and Carolina is playing catch up this year.
  • Chicago (-3) vs. New Orleans (34 O/U): New Orleans is a wreck right now. Chicago is "dominating" the NFC North, and they should be able to run all over the Saints defense.
  • Cincinnati (-3) vs. Baltimore (36 O/U): This shouldn't even be close. But then again, neither should have the Pittsburgh game. I think Baltimore will lose big - coming off a MNF road game is tough to do.
  • Detroit vs. Minnesota (0) (37 O/U): Minnesota without Culpepper. Not often you see that. By the way, there goes my fantasy team! Detroit may get Harrington back - get, as if they want him back. He may have to start because of an injury to Garcia. Too bad. This one could be ugly.
  • Houston vs. Jacksonville (-13) (36.5 O/U): This one could be ugly too. But not because of both teams. Jacksonville should have no problem with this one. Even with a 2 TD disadvantage.
  • Oakland vs. Kansas City (-4) (52 O/U): Like I've said in the past, Oakland is a fun team to watch, but that doesn't always translate into wins. It won't this week as long as K.C. uses their tandem of Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes correctly.
  • San Diego (-6) vs. New York Jets (41 O/U): Look for L.T. to get back into the end zone this week. And who knows...the Jets may not get there.
  • Tennessee vs. Cleveland (-3) (38.5 O/U): This isn't the first one, but in the second half of the season, these games mean less and less - neither of these teams are going anywhere. Of course, that means that CBS will choose this game as the one to show.
  • New York Giants (-10.5) vs. San Francisco (42 O/U): The Giants should have no problem with the Niners. Of course, so should have the Bucs, right?
  • Seattle (-4) vs. Arizona (44 O/U): Arizona is in turmoil at the QB position. If I remember correctly, Warner isn't that good. Yet, he's starting again. Why? Who knows...maybe the heat is getting to Dennis Green.
  • Pittsburgh (-3.5) vs. Green Bay (39.5 O/U): I would say this will be a blow out, but after their performance against Baltimore, well, I'm not as confident. They should still win, but Brett Favre may want to revenge last week. Given his recent struggles, that may not be a good thing.
  • Philadelphia vs. Washington (-3) (40 O/U): Coming off a 36 point loss, you'd guess they'll be fired up for this one. Even though Philly is being exposed without a running game, the Redskins don't have the offense to run up anything significant on the Eagles, whose defense is good.
  • Indianapolis (-3.5) vs. New England (47.5 O/U): What a great Monday night match-up - on paper. It should be good. The Colts get to travel to Boston and not have 1.) playoff pressure, and 2.) snow (the current forcast says it'll be partly cloudy and around 45-50). Things are looking good for Indy to get a win - one they need to 1.) get over the stigma of playing in Boston, and 2.) get them one step closer to ensuring they don't have to go back to New England in January.

We'll check back next week (notice no mention of day this time!).

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