RossCode Picks - NFL Week VII

posted on 10/21/05 at 01:15:00 am by Joel Ross

Back one more time with another week's worth of useless picks! This'll be quick, as this has been a busy week both for work and home life. It's already 12:50 AM, and I'm just now getting around to getting this out!

  • Detroit vs. Cleveland (-2.5) (34.5 O/U): Harrington can run an offense - into the ground! And that's about it. If Garcia starts instead, he'll be rusty, and it'll be?a nice warm up game for him as they get into a few more division games in the next few weeks.
  • Green Bay (-2) vs. Minnesota (44 O/U): Both very bad teams, but Green Bay is on the up, and Minnesota is on the way down.
  • Indianapolis (-15) vs. Houston (45 O/U):?I usually don't take a team who's favored by more than 10, but this season, Indy has been good when favored by a bunch, and Houston is, well, Houston. If I'm David Carr, I'm getting ready to take a beating this weekend.
  • Kansas City vs. Miami (-2) (42 O/U): This game got moved to Friday night in anticipation of Wilma. I have no idea if that will affect the game or not, but I suppose it could. I am a little surprised that Miami is favored.
  • New Orleans vs. St. Louis (-3) (47 O/U): No Mike Martz and no Mark Bulger. Expect a heavy dose of runs from St. Louis, which isn't their sweet spot. New Orleans is playing pretty good recently, even without McAllister.
  • Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati (0) (43 O/U): The premiere game this week. Cincy is (surprisingly) in first place, and Pittsburgh is one of the toughest teams in the AFC, and Roethlisberger should be back, even if Ward isn't. That should give them the boost they need.
  • San Diego vs. Philadelphia (-3.5) (47 O/U): The above game is the best game of the week, but this is a close second. I don't think it's the best because it's not a divisional rivalry, but San Diego is shaping up to be one of the top AFC teams, and Philly is one of the top NFC teams. Could this be a preview of a Super Bowl match up? No...
  • San Francisco* vs. Washington (-12.5) (36.5 O/U): Rattay is gone, and Smith is now playing without a net! Washington is good, but they don't score enough to warrant a 13 point spread!
  • Dallas vs. Seattle (-3.5) (45.5 O/U): If Seattle can remember that Shaun Alexander should get the ball 2 out of 3 times, they'll run away with this one. If not, they can still win, but Dallas may have?a shot.
  • Baltimore vs. Chicago (0) (30.5 O/U): Two very low scoring teams. I actually saw talk saying Baltimore needs to bench Jamal Lewis! How far they've fallen!
  • Buffalo vs. Oakland (-3) (40.5 O/U): No Randy Moss? No offense, and therefore a loss.
  • Denver vs. New York Giants (-2) (47 O/U): Just for you Tom!
  • Tennessee vs. Arizona (-3.5) (45.5 O/U): Who'll be starting? McCown or Warner? I know who I'd start!
  • New York Jets vs. Atlanta (-7) (40.5 O/U): The Jets are bad. Atlanta can play, and they just need to realize that. Get the running game going, and they'll be fine!

Wow. Short post. 10 minutes to get 'er done! We'll see how I did next week.

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