RossCode Picks - NFL Week V

posted on 2005-10-06 at 20:52:29 by Joel Ross

Week five is on us, and things are starting to settle down. There are a few lines that?I'm confused by, and hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of those!

  • Baltimore vs. Detroit (-1) (33 O/U): I don't see Detroit as a favorite, even at home. Harrington has struggled this year despite having a good WR core. Baltimore's defense hasn't been great yet, but they are still good, and at any point could turn it around.
  • Chicago vs. Cleveland (-3) (36 O/U): Cleveland is favored? Really?
  • Miami vs. Buffalo (-2.5) (33.5 O/U): This should be a game that primarily features running backs, and depending on Ronnie Brown's performance, will also determine how many touches Ricky Williams gets next week.
  • New England vs. Atlanta (-2.5) (44 O/U): I can't see New England dropping below .500. Combine that with a hurting Vick, and, while it'll be tough, I think New England will get the W.
  • New Orleans vs. Green Bay (-3) (41.5 O/U): This'll be a high scoring game. Neither team has a great defense, and both have capable offenses. This'll be a chance to see if Monday's game gives Green Bay a boost or if they'll fizzle.
  • Seattle vs. St. Louis (-3) (49.5 O/U): Mike Martz may not be at the game?because of health reasons, and that'll affect the team some. Seattle, if Holmgren can figure out that he needs to run the ball, should be able to control the game and put up enough points to get the W.
  • Tampa Bay (-3.5) vs. New York Jets (31.5 O/U): Vinny Testeverde is starting? And the spread is only 3.5? Maybe it's because Tampa Bay doesn't score much - they rely on a stifling defense. I haven't heard - is Cadillac playing? I'm too lazy to go look it up, but it won't matter.
  • Tennessee vs. Houston (-3) (40.5 O/U): This one could get ugly. Neither team is very good, and some will have to suffer through watching this one!
  • Indianapolis (-15) vs. San Francisco* (46.5 O/U): I just can't take a team favored by more than 15. Here's something interesting. If you put $10 on San Fran to win, and they do, you'd win $95. Nice return, but very unlikely. On the other hand, if you put that same $10 on Indy, and they win, you'll?win $0.87. Yeah, it's sure money (right?), but why bother? It looks like Alex Smith will get his first start - that's a tough way to start off - against an improved Indy defense, knowing he'll be called to pass a lot, since they'll likely be down big early. The only other first overall pick quarterback since 2000 to start earlier than Smith is David Carr, and we've seen how he's turned out.
  • Carolina (-2.5) vs. Arizona (43 O/U): 2.5? This is an odd team, as they beat New England, but then lost to Miami and barely held on to beat Green Bay. Not a very consistent record there, huh? Anyway, this is Arizona, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Philadelphia (-3) vs. Dallas (44.5 O/U): I don't get this spread at all. Philly is a great team, and Dallas has underperformed so far. And McNabb seems to play better with his hernia, which he still has!
  • Washington* vs. Denver (-6.5) (34 O/U): Washington is playnig above where I think they should be, and it's in Denver. This should be close, but I'll give Denver the nod.
  • Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville (-2.5) (37 O/U): Cincy finally faces a real test, and I think they'll studder?a little bit here. Jacksonville is a pretty good team.
  • Pittsburgh vs. San Diego (-3) (45 O/U): Now that L.T. is finally getting the touches he needs to get, the Chargers should be able to ride him to another victory. This should be a great MNF game, which if history is any indication, means it'll be a disappointment.

Once again, we'll review these next week!

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