RossCode Picks - NFL Week IV

posted on 2005-09-29 at 22:47:04 by Joel Ross

I'm starting to feel more and more confident about my picks. Maybe I'm getting back into the swing of things, or maybe things are settling down a little bit. Who knows. Either way, here's this week's picks.

  • Buffalo vs. New Orleans (0) (39.5 O/U): Buffalo's running game is good, and the passing game isn't quite so good. Remember how they got rid of Drew Bledsoe in favor of J.P. Losman? Who made that decision? Even without a?passing game, they can beat New Orleans. What do you want to bet that if they get the opening kickoff, the return man will use two hands on the ball?
  • Denver vs. Jacksonville (-3.5) (37 O/U): Denver beat up on an improved K.C. defense, but that defense isn't quite where Jacksonville's defense is at. And it's not in Denver, where they have a distinct advantage.
  • Detroit vs. Tampa Bay (-6.5) (34 O/U): Tampa Bay is having fun racking up wins against the lower echelon of the NFL, and this week won't be any different. That, or Joey Harrington needs to step up. He needs to mature and start playing like he can. Maybe he should be referred to as Joseph Harrington. That'll make him feel more mature.
  • Houston vs. Cincinnati (-9.5) (42.5 O/U): Cincy's another team benefiting from an easy early season schedule. Houston's coach is just trying to keep his job, and playing a hot team like the Bengals (do you know how weird that felt to write that?) isn't going to help. Could Cincinnati get five interceptions for three weeks in a row? It's possible.
  • Indianapolis (-7) vs. Tennessee (45 O/U): The Indy offense can't stay down for long can they? The good news is that Tennessee isn't that good, and the Colts defense is much, much improved. Since the Titans defense isn't great, it could be a good chance for Manning, although, last week against the Browns was a good chance too.
  • Philadelphia vs. Kansas City (-2) (45.5 O/U): Will McNabb play? He needs surgery, but it sounds like he will. Remember two weeks ago when everyone thought he was out and questioned how effective he would be? Five touchdowns later, critics shut up. K. C. just got a beat down from a Denver defense on Monday night, and they'll remember that, so look for a high scoring affair. I just hope it doesn't come down to a field goal for Philly - Akers is out, so that may be tricky.
  • San Diego vs. New England (-5) (47 O/U): New England is still one of the premiere teams in the AFC, and I think some forgot that before they went into Pittsburgh and walked away with a win, despite the whole clock issue. San Diego has finally figured out their offense: Give the ball to L.T. Pass it to him. Hand it off. Let him pass it. It doesn't matter - just make sure he touches it. Why don't they just go into the shotgun and hike it directly to him?
  • Seattle vs. Washington (-2) (36.5 O/U): I'm not sold on Washington yet. They're good, but they haven't played great teams yet - Chicago and Dallas. This'll be a good test of the Redskins run defense - Shaun Alexander is a great running back, and they'll have a tough time containing him.
  • St. Louis vs. New York Giants (-3) (47 O/U): Eli Manning's back in his familiar sorroundings, and St. Louis is, well, coached by a mad man. He can be brilliant or insane. Which Mike Martz will show up? It's outdoors, so I'll give this one to the Giants.
  • New York Jets vs. Baltimore (-7) (31 O/U): Pennington is out - and you're either giving the ball to a 41 year old washed up quarterback, or to an unproven youngster. Curtis Martin better be ready for a huge load this weekend! Baltimore's defense has underperformed, and what do you want to bet that teeing up on either of the Jets choices for quarterback would feel pretty good? Don't look for a huge day from Jamal Lewis either - it's the Jets offense that's hurting, not the defense.
  • Dallas vs. Oakland (-3) (47 O/U): Bledsoe has been pretty good, and put up huge numbers last week. Oakland's defense isn't great, but it'll be good enough to hold Dallas to less than the Oakland offense can put up. Remember how Santana Moss got behind the Dallas secondary twice on fourth downs? Think Randy Moss isn't watching those tapes? Collins has the arm. I'm just sayin'!
  • Minnesota vs. Atlanta (-5.5) (44.5 O/U): The question of the week: Is Culpepper back or was last week a fluke? I'm guessing the former, and Atlanta's defense will pay the price. Not that Minnesota's defense is much better, so look for a high scoring affair.
  • San Francisco vs. Arizona (-3) (43 O/U): These teams are so bad they had to send them all the way to Mexico to find anyone interested in watching them! Seriously, though. If you want to showcase the NFL outside of the U.S., why are you sending these two teams? And, when Arizona loses, will they complain about the game being in a neutral place like the Saints complained (and still are) about playing in New Jersey?
  • Green Bay* vs. Carolina (-7.5) (43 O/U): Already, MNF is suffering from setting the schedule before the season started. I'm sure that this match up looked good before the season started, but it sure doesn't now. Green Bay is 0-3, lost their number one receiver, and Favre is starting to look washed up. Carolina looks strong, and for a team like Carolina who's a fairly low scoring team to be giving?7+ points, that says something about how most people think the game will go.

That's that. Time to get back to some real work! We'll see how I do next week!

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