In The Spotlight

posted on 11/04/05 at 10:54:46 pm by Joel Ross

I don't usually post a whole lot about my blog traffic, mainly because most people don't care. I watch it (probably too much), but I don't talk about it. It's not huge, but over the past couple of days, it's gone through the roof for one reason: Dave Winer.

Well, not completely, but he's the underlying cause. I put up a post?agreeing with Dave's latest idea, and since I was one of the first to link to it, he picked up on it. And things escalated from there. Shortly after that, Scoble picked up on it too.

Wow. Here was the most surprising thing: Dave drove more traffic than Robert. Although, traffic is still coming, and over time, Scoble is catching up, and in fairness, Scoble's link is at the bottom of a rather long rant, and among four or five other links, while Dave's post is a quick one liner linking to me. Anyway, I got about?20 times as many referrers as I'd been getting per day, and 4 times as much traffic. And the search engines indexed me twice as much.

I would have been happy if it stopped there. I don't do this for traffic, but it's nice to get some exposure, and I appreciate what Dave did a lot. But that's not where it stopped. I check Memeorandum every now and then, and was surprised to see my blog linked from there?- right at the top!

I ended up on there three separate times yesterday, and that generated some traffic. Then, I found I was quoted on this morning. All because Dave threw me a bone and linked to me. I didn't really add anthing new to the convo. I just threw up a "me too" post.

Last year, Scoble linked to me when the MSN Desktop Search was released. This year, Scoble and Winer did. So I guess next year I have to get them both to link to me again, and add in someone else in. Maybe I can get Slashdotted!

All in all, not a bad day for my measely little blog. I think I even got a few new subscribers (welcome!)...

Anyway, that's?enough ego feeding! Back to my regularly scheduled blogging...RCW 25 is almost ready.

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