Qualities of a Technical Lead

posted on 2005-09-24 at 00:33:21 by Joel Ross

Having lead a couple of development teams, I found this post by Jeremy Miller to be pretty?informative.?My projects have been relatively successful, despite what I did to try to derail that, and it's a constant learning experience to know what the best way to lead a team is. Reading other's perspectives who have different persectives is always nice, and Jeremy provides some good insight.

The best part about his post is that he lists out not only what he does that works, but also relays what he's done that doesn't work - you don't see a lot of people talk about that. Most talk about how to do something, but it's just as important to talk about what doesn't work. You always learn more from your mistakes than your successes, and you won't learn from your mistakes until you're able to verbalize what those mistakes are.

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