Presentation Suggestions

posted on 2004-11-19 at 23:59:56 by Joel Ross

Scott Hanselman provides some good tips for presentations, the best being that you need to have a big font. Absolutely! Or maybe do your presentation in a movie theater - that screen would be big enough, I suppose.

Purely by coincidence, I use green on black for my VS.NET command line. Why do I use that? It's easier to see for me sitting in front of the computer. So I guess his statement that it's "...scientifically THE most visible...color...for prompts" holds true for me.

I have one more. If you have a presentation and some code samples, and have the ability to do it, get two machines and two projectors. Brian and I did a presentation on server controls a while back, and did just that. I think it worked out great - no switching between Powerpoint and Visual Studio. People can still see the points on the slides about the demo while they see the demo, and can see the last code sample as the presentation moves on.

Having two people makes things go smoother too. One can do most of the presentation while the other is the "code monkey" (that was me). So instead of worrying about the code, one guy talks about what is going to happen and why, while the other one, who no longer has to worry about explaining everything that he's doing, is free to just do it. Of course, this relies on two people who know each other's style as well as the material. But shouldn't that be a given anyway?

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