posted on 2005-01-11 at 23:34:14 by Joel Ross

PostXING is a tool that allows you to post to multiple .Text blogs at the same time. It's much farther along in the development cycle than my homegrown blogging tool I use. Unfortunately, I haven't used PostXING yet, because it doesn't allow me to post to my b2evo blog.

But that may change some time in the future. I found a post of Chris' talking about cross posting, something I am interested in. He mentioned that he would be interested in some other posting API's besides the Metablog API, so I told him about my implementation, and how I use the IBlogExtension interface to post to any API.

He was interested, and this morning, I sent the code his way. I'm very interested in seeing what (if anything) he does with it. Assuming his editor supports valid XHTML, then I should be able to use it.

Plus, it'll feel good to contribute in some way to a project like this!

Categories: Software