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posted on 10/04/07 at 09:22:55 pm by Joel Ross

I know. Blogging about blogging is lame, but I threw this together today, and thought it was interesting. I'm getting really close to 1,000 posts, and I started looking at my posting patterns since I started blogging at


What was interesting to me wasn't just how many posts I had - but what was going on in my life when the post count went up or down. For example, October of 2004 was probably my busiest month ever at NuSoft (Sagestone at the time), and I made a personal commitment to post at least daily to get in the habit of blogging. The posts were usually fairly short, but for three months, I had 60+ posts per month. In March of 2005, I jumped back up. That month, we launched a large web site I'd been working on for 9+ months, my wife was on bed rest (my second daughter was born April 1st), and March Madness was ramping up - a big deal for my side business, Tourney Logic.

I stayed fairly steady until the summer of 2006. Frankly, I got burned out and blogging took the hit. I stayed that way for just about a year, posting very sparingly. Only recently have I gotten back into blogging - partly because of a few events at NuSoft (like their new public blogs) and partly because I have a desire to write again. It's odd, but I think twitter had something to do with it as well. I'm also a little surprised by September '07, since I have a newborn son in the house. Since he was born in late August, I have more posts than I had in the past 4 months combined.

By the way, I'm 19 posts away from 1,000. I have 7 in the queue, plus another 3 flagged in FeedDemon, and football picks keep rolling through, so I should get there fairly quickly.

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