Pavlov's Dog Works At Arbys

posted on 2005-02-04 at 23:26:01 by Joel Ross

I went into Arbys tonight to get dinner. They have a bell there to tell the workers that they are doing a good job. Whenever the bell rings, everyone working in the place stops what they are doing, and looks up to say "Thank you." This includes cooking, taking orders, manning the drive thru, or cleaning tables. It's amusing to see. They aren't thrilled about saying it, but they do. Kids get a kick out of it - more to be able to ring the bell than the reaction, but the reaction comes for free.

While I was there, two kids, about 5 minutes apart, rang the bell. Each time, everything stopped for an instance so they could say "Thank you." Yup, a trained reaction. Just like Pavlov's dog.

Kind of makes me wonder if they say thank you at home whenever the phone rings....

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