One More Reason To Love My DVR

posted on 2005-09-23 at 23:25:29 by Joel Ross

I'm a huge hockey fan, but I rarely have the time to dedicate three hours to watching a game. I didn't have the time over a year ago when hockey was last on, and I have even less time now.

Which is why it was so nice to be able to record the Wings vs. Avs preseason game the other night. I watched it after everyone else was in bed, and was able to watch the whole game, plus overtime and a shoot out, in less than an hour and a half. That's getting pretty close to the time the game actually takes. Actual play time was just over one hour. Add in the shoot out, and I really only lost the time spent fast forwarding.

I'm definitely sold on the concept of DVRs. I may start doing this with football games too. It's even more rare that I get a 4 hour block on Saturday or Sunday to watch a whole game - this would allow me to catch up on those too. With all the pauses in a football game and the clock running between plays, it may only take 45 minutes to get through a whole game!

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