NuSoft Framework Road Map

posted on 11/20/07 at 09:52:52 am by Joel Ross

It seems like just about every other comment on the NuSoft Framework site is asking for a list of features we plan to offer in the future. We've had ideas of what we want to do, as well as taking in feedback, but we hadn't put it all together yet.

That is until last Friday. We met, laid the next version out, and put together a small road map that should get us through the next 6-9 months, as well as assigning who should do what. Honestly, I'm excited about some of the features that we've settled on.

NuSoft Framework 3.0

I've been planning to add validation (and did a prototype) since before 2.0 was released, so that was the main thing I wanted to add. Logging was highly requested, and something I wanted as well. The others are great features, as well. We're targeting the end of January for the release, but that date is not solid.

  • Add Validation support
  • Add Logging support
  • Add database-based Paging with sorting support
  • timestamp field support
  • Add DeleteAll() & SetAllDeleted() methods to EntityList
  • Enhance FindEntity() & FindEntities() methods to work more like Sorting methods work - by multiple properties
  • Fix potential naming conflicts with composite foreign key relationships
  • Add ability to refresh an entity from the database

NuSoft Framework 4.0

We have a very high level idea of what we want to add for 4.0, but it's definitely not fully baked at this point. So far, everything added to the framework has been based on past experiences and how we've done things - our best practices, if you will. LINQ and WCF are fairly new, and we haven't had a solid set of projects to base any best practices on yet. By then, we should have that experience, and we'll be able to better lay out our intentions as it gets closer.

  • LINQ support
  • WCF support
  • Caching
  • Nullable type support
  • Deep loading of entities
  • Add Copy constructors
  • Add custom queries based on indexes on tables.


The future is up in the air at this point. We expect that, at our current pace, Version 4 will be late Spring, and as we get closer to that, we'll determine what should be in there beyond that.

The above is a high level view, and I'm sure there will be bug fix versions (a la 2.0.1), and a few more features thrown in there based on feedback from our users. I'll also be posting about how I'm implementing some of these features (I'm slated to do validation as well as a couple of smaller ones), so I can get feedback on what I'm doing.

And of course, all of the current activity and more details on the above features are available at the CodePlex site.

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