NUnit Extensions

posted on 2004-10-05 at 23:33:15 by Joel Ross

Roy Osherove has released a way to extend the NUnit framework.

This looks pretty cool. I'm not sure I will use this for my own attributes, but it comes with Nunit.Extension.Royo, which has his rollback attribute. This allows you to do modifications to a database, check the results, and automatically rollback the transaction.

That's something we struggle with in our current project - we can easily do reads from a database, but inserting, deleting or updating records is a problem. We didn't want to go with Roy's original NUnitX framework, as it tied us into his unit testing framework, making any updates to the NUnit framework much more difficult to integrate.

Now that NUnit is extensible, that problem goes away, so we can revisit testing database updates.

Of course, that would require us having time to actually work on this, which probably won't happen right away, since we are in semi-crunch mode.

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