NFL Wild Card Playoffs

posted on 2005-01-07 at 23:38:46 by Joel Ross

Again, I don't feel like reviewing my picks from last week, but let's get the results on the table. I finished the season by going 6-9 (40.0%) against the spread, making me 123-123 for the season. That means if I put any amount on every game, I would be exactly where I started - even! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

These last two weeks really hurt me. Teams sitting players and not playing to their potential (see Indy against Denver) didn't help at all. Anyway, picking winners, I was 156-100 (60.9%), finishing 7-8 in week 17.

I didn't do as well as I had hoped. For a comparison, last year I was 128-118 against the spread, and 169-87 picking winners. I kind of thought I would do better this year! But it's a new season now right - the playoffs are upon us! With that, lets look at this weekend's games.

  • St. Louis vs. Seattle (-4): The closest spread of the weekend games. This is my only dog I'm picking this week too. I think St. Louis has what it takes, and Seattle hasn't lived up to expections this year. Personally, I was 2-6-1 when picking St. Louis, and 3-7 when picking Seattle. Both teams were horrible playing against the spread (5-11 and 6-10 for Seattle and St. Louis, respectively). Based on that alone, neither team should cover, and no matter who I pick, I'll lose. So that means Seattle will win 30-26. That way neither team covers! But I don't think that will happen. Look for the Rams to win it.
  • New York Jets vs. San Diego (-7): San Diego took a while to get some respect in the odds. That shows, as they were 13-1-2 against the spread this year. That's good! And when I picked them, I was 10-1-1. I could have made a lot of money on San Diego this year! On the other hand, the Jets weren't all that bad themselves. They were 8-7-1 against the spread, and I was 6-4 when picking them. But back to the game. Drew Brees will continue to impress, and LT will go over 100 yards, to get back on track, as San Diego wins.
  • Denver vs. Indianapolis (-10): Last week obviously does not represent how this week will be. For one, Manning will play the whole game. That changes the whole game right there. Denver may have "sent a message" to Indy last week, but this week, Manning will send his own message, as he'll put on a clinic in the dome.
  • Minnesota vs. Green Bay (-6): Minnesota once again tried to get out of playing an extra game this year. Last year, they lost to Arizona and didn't make it. This year, they lost to Washington, and only because New Orleans beat Carolina did they get to play one more. Green Bay, on the other hand, is about the opposite of Minnesota. They started out horribly, and caught fire. They don't have what it takes to win the Super Bowl (or even get there) because of thier defense, but it's good enough to beat Minnesota. They did it twice already. What's one more time? Oh yeah, the dome loving Vikings will be playing in 27 degree weather against Favre. Not looking too good for them.

I'm ready for the games to mean something again. Week 17 had one key match up, and it turned out to be a dud - New Orleans against Carolina, and neither even made it in!

Oh yeah - what did everyone think of Sean Alexander's comments? For those who don't know, he fell one yard short of the rushing title this year (to Curtis Martin - great season for him), and after the game, he said his team stabbed him in the back. Why? Well, Seattle was on the one yard line, and ran a quarterback sneak rather than hand the ball off to him.

It's always amazed me how different players can be. On the one end, you have Alexander (who later apologized, and sounded pretty sincere), and then you have Manning, who didn't even want to talk about his TD record.

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