NFL Picks: 08-09 Super Bowl Pick

posted on 01/31/09 at 10:34:34 pm by Joel Ross

The time has finally come! Tomorrow, there will be a 5 hour (!) pre-game show, leading up to the single biggest sporting event of the year: The Super Bowl! This year, you have a team that's been there against a team that no one expected to get there.

Pittsburgh. The team that's been there, done that. This time without Jerome Bettis or The Jaw..err..I mean Bill Cowher. But they still have Big Ben and the best defense in the game.

Arizona. They've been underdogs the whole playoffs, in some games by as much as 10 points. They've put up over 30 in every game (leading the playoffs in scoring), and Larry Fitzgerald has proven that he's the real deal and ready to lead this team.

Something has to give, right? The best defense either breaks, or they shut down the hottest offense. And remember, Arizona is new to the Super Bowl spotlight, but their man under center has also been there, done that, has the MVP trophy to prove it.

Who to pick? It's a tough choice. Can the Cards overcome being the underdog again, and put up solid numbers and a lot of points, or will Pittsburgh shut Warner down, in typical suffocating fashion?

I'm going to go the boring route, and pick Pittsburgh. They're 7 point favorites, and have been since the line came out almost two weeks ago. A bit surprisingly, the over/under on this one is 46.5 points - pretty high for a game involving the Steelers. Given that, I'll take the under. I guess tomorrow at 6, we can all tune in and see how it turns out.

Or at least watch some good commercials!

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