NFL Picks: 08-09 Divisional Results and Conference Final Picks

posted on 01/16/09 at 11:50:28 pm by Joel Ross

The end of the NFL playoffs is always bittersweet. The games mean more and more, but it also means that soon, there'll be no more games. We're down to three games left as it is! This past week had some good games, so let's take a look.

  • Baltimore 13, Tennessee 10 (-3) (34.5 O/U): This was a defensive struggle, and I Tennessee basically handed this game over. Kind of disappointing, considering that at one point we were looking at Tennessee as the team to beat when they were undefeated. Of course, it's not a huge surprise, considering that these two teams played in week 5. The outcome of that game? 13-10, only Tennessee ended up on top.
  • Arizona 33, Carolina 13 (-10) (48 O/U): This game wasn't ever really a game. Carolina was outplayed pretty much from the kickoff, and Arizona, even without Boldin, never looked back.
  • Philadelphia 23, New York Giants 11 (-4) (40.5 O/U): Another sloppy game. Remember me saying that 75% of the home teams win in the playoffs when they're coming off a bye week? Yeah, that didn't quite happen, did it?
  • San Diego 24, Pittsburgh 35 (-6) (39 O/U): Pittsburgh was the only team to come through who was a favorite, and they did it pretty decisively. I'd say they are the favorite to win it all at this point.

Results Summary

  • Picks (this week / playoffs): 1 - 3 / 3 - 5
  • Spread (this week / playoffs): 1 - 3 / 3 - 5
  • Over/Under (this week / playoffs): 2 - 2 / 3 - 5

I'd definitely say that one conference is looking a lot stronger than the other at this point, but that doesn't mean much does it? Remember, last year, New England couldn't lose and they were facing either a team with an aging QA (the Packers) or a QB who chokes in the big games (the Giants). And we all now how that turned out.

  • Philadelphia (-4) vs. Arizona (47 O/U): Philly is the obvious choice. They have the experience. They're the better team. They're the favorite. But you could say the same thing last week and Carolina too, right?
  • Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh (-6) (34 O/U): These teams have met twice this season - early in the season and again later in the season. The outcomes? Pittsburgh won by 4 and 3. Both were low scoring, defensive battles. I'd expect this game to only appeal to fans of their teams, and hardcore football enthusiasts who understand the importance of battles for field position. If you want a high scoring game, watch the NFC!

Sunday night, we'll know who's in the Super Bowl. Then the media circus really starts!

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