Nant And SQL Compare

posted on 2004-10-20 at 23:29:17 by Joel Ross

This is old news, but I just found a post about using Nant with SQL Compare to automate the database upgrade process.

Right now, we use SQL Compare to do database upgrades, but it's a manual process - Run the compare, and move objects by hand, determining what needs to be moved based on what has been done. Not a very scientific process. By doing something like this, the process can be automatic and happen every time a build is done, or whenever a weekly build is fired off.

It's also a good primer for building your own Nant tasks.

Marc's blog, while not updated very often, has some good content about using Nant and continuous integration in general, as well as more information about building databases - something that seems to be a struggle for just about everyone I talk to about automated build processes. And lest you only read the blog postings, check out his articles - he has four pretty indepth articles about using Nant for your build process.

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