posted on 10/08/07 at 12:33:17 am by Joel Ross

At the ALT.NET conference, Scott Guthrie announced that Microsoft is going to be making an MVC framework available for ASP.NET. Since I wasn't there, I'm not sure what exactly that looks like, but the blogosphere is abuzz with little tidbits. It sounds like it should be an interesting implementation. I wonder how many ideas were borrowed from the Web Client Software Factory. There's a full list at Jeffrey Palermo's blog, but here's a few highlights:

  • Provide ASPX without viewstate or postbacks for the views.
  • Provide hooks for your own views
  • Inherent support for IoC for container creation and DI on the controller (presumably for the view).
  • URL and Navigation control

There's others. Go read Jeffrey's post for the full list. I picked these because they are the most interesting to me. First, ASPX without postbacks. I guess I'll have to see what that means - maybe it just means no postback specific methods? If you can hook up  your own view, could you (theoretically - I'm not saying this is the best way or even logical) hook up a windows UI? What about web services, meaning your ultimate UI could be just about anything or even unknown to the original developer? I've looked at the WCSF's implementation of IoC and it's pretty slick (it uses the ObjectBuilder DI Framework). Again, I wonder if any of that is used in this. The URL processing looks different as well - you don't have pages in a particular place, but the way the URL comes through determines what controller and action to take.

All in all, it looks interesting, but considering it's beyond the Orcas release, it's still out there a ways. Not something we'll be playing with soon, at least.

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