MSN Messenger 7 Beta

posted on 2004-12-05 at 00:25:13 by Joel Ross

I installed the MSN Messenger 7 Beta Friday night. It works very well. I like some of the new features. The most noticeable is that a contact's icon shows in the notification window when they sign on. Also, if I had a tablet, I could write my IMs rather than typing - will there be a version for the Pocket PC that I can write on that?

I was excited about using Messenger to post to MSN Spaces, but it didn't turn out how I had hoped. I was hoping to have a special IM contact I would send a message to. Instead, it's a link that opens a window that I can blog from - and that doesn't work for me - it takes me to the "create a space" page. Last time I had a problem like this, it had to do with cookies, so maybe I'll try that.

So what would have been cool about IMing a blog entry? Well, using this, I could have blogged from the command line!

Anyway, the beta is very stable, and it works well with the beta of Messenger Plus.

Categories: Software