MSN Desktop Search, One More Time

posted on 2004-12-14 at 23:07:45 by Joel Ross

I promise. This'll be my last post about it. I got it to install and index everything. First of all, I'll say this. I'll be uninstalling Google Desktop Search shortly.

Why? Because MSN's search offers better functionality. The shortcuts are very cool. I do have to admit that my first shortcut is to run a search on Google. Not only can you shortcut web addresses, but you can also run executables with shortcuts too (and without them). Right now, I use WinKey for most of my shortcuts, but that could be replaced by the MSN deskbar. What else is better? When you search locally, you can open files in the program you would normally use for that file type. Google doesn't do that. MSN indexes my code out of the box. Google took a hack to do that. MSN indexes OneNote. Finding OneNote info quickly has been a reason I haven't been using it as much as I would - you can't. Now, it's indexed. Easy to find. I'll start using it more now. The search as you type is cool. So is the filtering.

Overall, this is much better than I expected. Indexing seems a little slow, but the searches are fast.

Anyway, no one really cares what I think, right? Here's some of the best posts I've seen from the web today.

I know there are more posts out there, but these were the best and most diverse ones I found.

One note on the Windows 2003 fix - there's word that if you don't have Outlook open, the indexing doesn't index. I wouldn't know. My computer never runs without Outlook open.

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