Microsoft's Virtual WiFi Card

posted on 11/08/05 at 12:34:47 am by Joel Ross

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released what they're calling a VirtualWiFi adapter, via Microsoft Research. It's pretty slick really. It allows you to connect to multiple wireless networks from the same wireless card.

I haven't looked, but I would like is to be able to connect to the same wireless network twice. Why? Well, for one client, I have a Cisco VPN that binds to a particular connection and shuts down all outside activity - everything you do goes through the VPN connection. Now, if I hook up a hard wired connection, I can route my traffic through that, but the point of wireless is that I don't need a wire. One more detail: their network is very restrictive - if I have an issue, I can get to Google to search for an answer, but pretty much every search result is blocked by their firewall. And no news groups. If I could use my wireless connection to connect twice to the same network, I could get around this.

Of course, I get around this now because I do all of my development in Virtual PC, so it only limits the VPC connection, and not the connection on my main machine. But switching back and forth isn't always fun either.

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