Microsoft Introduces Hosted Exchange

posted on 03/31/06 at 09:28:02 pm by Joel Ross

Microsoft introduced what they are calling Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, which is a lot like what they used to offer under the name FrontBridge. It's basically a way for small companies (such as Tourney Logic) to get the benefits of Exchange, but without the server and maintenance costs.

But again, that's not the reason I'm writing this. Before we were acquired by NuSoft Solutions, I had a pretty good handle on everything that Sagestone did. Now, being part of a larger company that has multiple offices, I have an idea of most of what we do, but obviously not as good a handle as I did in the past. This is one of those cases. I saw this press release before I saw the post on The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog in an "ego feed" for NuSoft. After reading through the press release, NuSoft is one of the companies listed as partners who'll deliver hosted Exchange, right alongside companies like AT&T, Sprint and TELUS.

I think we're slightly smaller than those guys though!

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