Looking For .NET Bug Tracking Software?

posted on 2004-11-06 at 23:16:07 by Joel Ross

We may be soon. What we've been using is...flaky, at best. So it's timely that Ryan Rinaldi posted a review of Axosoft's OnTime 2004 software.

I downloaded it, checked it out, and then stuck with what we're currently using, mainly because the pricing is much more favorable. Axosoft is $149 per user (ours was $99 for an unlimited number of users), but, like Vault, you can use it as a single user for free.

I have to agree with Ryan about the VS.NET plug-in - it's the killer feature in my mind. Being able to track and manage bugs inside of Visual Studio would be nice. It would be much easier to do than a seperate app (even if it is just a browser). I spend all day in VS.NET - why not track my bugs there too?

On another note, it looks like SourceGear is gearing up for a new release of Vault, and their own bug-tracking software, called Dragnet. (download links) Eric Sink has the details here. I've used both Source OffSite and Vault, and both are very solid products. I look forward to trying out his bug tracking software, as I'm sure it will be top notch. Eric also has a series of articles about source control that are all very good reads.

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