Jason Clarke Is Stirring Things Up

posted on 2004-10-26 at 01:06:09 by Joel Ross

Jason Clarke's post about Scoble's link blog is getting some good feedback, and I think he's doing a great job of refuting the comments. 

I tend to agree with Jason on this one. Reading blogs wouldn't be nearly as useful to me if I couldn't get all of the content delivered to me in one place. If I have to click on a link and wait for the browser to load (or select the item and wait for the content to load), then I lose time. I used to visit 10 or so websites per day to get my news. If it wasn't covered there, I didn't see it right away. But if you syndicate the content to me, then I can follow a lot more. The sheer time savings is huge. I let my aggregator sit all day Sunday, and when I got around to reading the items, I had 1,000 unread items, and I filtered through them in an hour or so. I couldn't do that if they only had partial content feeds.

If you want partial content feeds, I think you need to make better titles. Plus, who says the first 50 words gets the essence of what the post is about? You want partial content feeds, then you should offer a summary of what the content is going to be about. Tease me into wanting to take the time to open a browser.

If you don't want to, then either offer full content feeds, or expect me to unsubscribe (or never subscribe in the first place). My litmus test is this: if I see ... at the end of the content in the rss feed, then I don't even bother subscribing.

Oh yeah, Jason, congratulations! You're the first person to link to me in a post. Obviously, you're very forward thinking! (Scoble's link blog doesn't count - that's not "personal linking"). I'm convinced my blog is the way of the future! ;-)

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