iKitchen.com: A Place To Never Shop

posted on 12/13/07 at 09:00:52 pm by Joel Ross

About a month ago, The Wife decided we needed a new stroller for the girls while we're in Florida in a couple of weeks. It's something she's been looking at for a while, and decided it was time to pull the trigger. She found the stroller she liked, and searched for the best price. She finally found the lowest price at iKitchen.com (which is actually ekitchengadgets.com), so she placed the order.

And it's been nothing but headaches since then.

November 4th

The order was placed. The credit card was charged.

November 10th - 26th

After a week of not hearing anything, The Wife called to find out what was going on - and continued to call every few days to find out the status of her order. She never received any communication from them - she had to contact them to get any information. Every time she called, she was told "It should be shipping soon and you should have it in two to three days." Oddly, we stopped believing them after about the 4th time.

November 28th

The Wife called again, and was told they were on back order and it could be a LONG time before we get one - like March. Hmm. That's a bit longer than two to three days.

November 30th

The Wife had enough, and given that it'd been almost a full month and still had no definitive idea when or if we would ever get the stroller. She started looking around, and after finding another place to order it, she canceled her original order.

December 1st

In less than 24 hours, we got the stroller from the new place. We put it together, and it's pretty nice.

December 7th

We still hadn't seen the refund hit the credit card, so we called them back. This is best part. "Oh. When you canceled your order, you didn't ask for a refund." What? Since when are canceling an order and getting a refund two separate things? NO ONE ELSE in the world does that. That's absolutely ridiculous! After careful consideration of whether or not we wanted to leave a $250 credit with a company we're not happy with, we opted to cancel the order. They've now held our money for over a month without ever even intending to ship us a product in that timeframe.

December 13th

We finally got our money back. That took long enough. It's amazing.  They can charge me instantaneously, but it takes six days to give me money back - after they've had it for over a month for no reason!

Even after finally telling us that these strollers are very hard to come by, and won't be available until early Spring, their web site still says "Usually ships in 2-3 business days." After going  through what we went through, I feel sorry for anyone who sees that and believes them!

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