I'm The Proud Father Of A Son...

posted on 09/04/07 at 12:52:27 pm by Joel Ross

...which explains the blog silence in the past couple of weeks. Logan William was born on August 20th, 2007 at 3:45 PM. He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and is doing very well.

Logan Willian My Family

How he came into the world was different though. The Wife has a history of issues during and after pregnancy, so we had a C-Section scheduled on August 22nd, a week before her actual due date. On August 6th, her blood pressure shot up, so they started monitoring her closer (non-stress tests twice a week and amniotic fluid index checks once per week) - and she wasn't allowed to drive anymore. August 20th was a day for NST and an AFI, but he failed the NST in the OB's office, so we were sent to the ER for further tests.

At the ER, things were going much better. He was passing the NST, so they sent The Wife for her AFI. That passed too, but as we were waiting to be sent home, his heart rate started slowing down after movement - a sign that he was somehow tangled with the umbilical cord. Her doctor came in at 2:45, and said "we're doing this today." Then things got a little crazy. Five minutes later, The Wife was being prepped for surgery. We wondered what the rush was, and the nurse told us the OR had an opening at 3:00 PM, and that's what they were targetting.

At 3:05, The Wife was walking to the operating room, and I was waiting in the triage room for them to bring me in - that only happens after they get her prepped and numbed, and are pretty much ready to start cutting. I walked in about 3:30, and they had Logan out at 3:45. We had all of one hour of notice! Anyway, we came home on August 23rd - around 6:00 PM, and things were going good.

Until Saturday, when The Wife's blood pressure shot up. This has happened with both of the girls, so we weren't exactly shocked, but still, we hoped it wouldn't happen this time around. With our first, we went to the ER, and got a BP reading of 200/120 - the techs in the ER tend to freak out with a reading that high. For reference, Tina's normal BP is 110/65. So when it started to shoot up this time, we knew what to do. We went in and got her on medicine, and she's all good now.

Life with three kids isn't that much different than life with two kids. Getting up at all hours of the night isn't the most appealing thing, but this time has actually been easier than both girls - we get up one to two times per night - in bed by 11 or so, and up by 8. I'm practically getting more sleep now than I was getting when I'd stay up 'til 1 and be up by 7 (my normal hours).

I've been off work since the 20th. I go back Thursday. I think I'm ready. I could have gone back today or tomorrow, but I decided to stay away because our oldest started kindergarten today - we went with her for her first day (only an hour), and tomorrow, she heads out to take the bus all by herself. She is very excited - we were on our way home today and all she kept saying was that she was going to school tomorrow and we weren't going!

So anyway, that's why there's been little activity lately. Hopefully I'll pick posting back up in the next few weeks.

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