I'm Speaking At The West Michigan .NET User Group

posted on 10/05/06 at 08:55:42 pm by Joel Ross

On Tuesday, I agreed to fill in for a colleague and speak at the next West Michigan .NET User Group meeting, which happens to be next Tuesday (October 10th). It's short notice, but I'm sure I'll have time to throw together a pretty decent presentation on code generation and more specifically, CodeSmith. I thought someone had already done something on CodeSmith, but looking back, it appears that's not the case - a couple of years ago, there was a talk about useful tools, where CodeSmith was mentioned, but not covered in detail.

I've been deep into CodeSmith for the past couple of months, so I think I have a fairly good grasp of what it's capable of, and can put together a pretty compelling demo. And since I found out, I've been digging deeper and found a few more things that I can show. And more importantly, I'll start using them now that I know about them!

On the down side, since I found out, I've come down with a cold which is making it difficult to speak too much. Hopefully I'll be over that by next week. I guess the big test will be tomorrow, when I have a presentation at NuSoft - oddly enough, based around CodeSmith too!

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