I'm Now A Windows Live Writer User

posted on 09/09/07 at 09:07:17 pm by Joel Ross

I've resisted using Windows Live Writer for a while. Why did I resist? Because I couldn't get it to work with b2evolution, and without that, it was pretty much useless.

With the release of the Window Live unified installer, I decided to give it a try again. Lo and behold, beta 3 works with my blog. Still, I wasn't sure it was what I wanted to use - I'd already rolled my own posting tool, although lately, I've been working up a list of features that I wanted to add to it. It's getting long, and most of them are satisfied by Windows Live Writer's plug in system. And if one isn't, then I can add functionality through writing my own plug ins.

I also like that it can pull down my blog skin, so when I write posts, it actually looks like my blog. That's key, because when I post code snippets, I can ensure they fit in my width, and if not, adjust them accordingly. It's ability to save and track drafts is also nice, as I like to jot down ideas for blog posts when I think of them, and then come back later to finish the post off.

Anyway, if you're not using an offline blogging client because you can't find a good one, then Windows Live Writer might be for you. It works with most blogging platforms (any that support the MetaWeblog API), and it (in my opinion) makes blogging easier.

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