How Well Does Live's New 411 Service Work?

posted on 10/25/07 at 09:09:42 pm by Joel Ross

I'm not really sure, but that's what I wondered this afternoon in my car. I needed to find the phone number to a business near my office so I could find out where they were located. There's a plethora of free 411 services out there right now. Google has one. There's Free-411, which was one of the first I remember, and Microsoft recently announced one.

Sitting in my car, those are the three that I could think of. I wanted to try a new service (I've used Free-411 in the past) so it was between Google and Microsoft. Since Microsoft technologies pay the bills around my house, I decided to go with that one.

Only I didn't know the number. I guessed it was 1-800-Live-411. So I called it.

Guess what? That's not the correct number. A nice young lady answered and said, "Hey sexy man, you're about to hear the best porn..." and then I hung up! I was pretty sure I had the wrong number! So I used my trusty stand by - Free-411.

Once I got home, I checked. It's 1-800-Call-411. Next time I'm out and need a number, I think I'll try that one instead!

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