Good To Be Back

posted on 2005-02-19 at 23:43:02 by Joel Ross

I made it back home yesterday morning, after a long flight back. It was a very productive week. We got exactly what we hoped to accomplish done, and I think it went faster than expected.

So let's recap how the week went. No, I can't go into details about the what I did while working there - confidentiality and all that.

But the best part of traveling is the food. You always get pointed or taken to some very interesting places. This week was no different.

The weekend was uneventful. We did go to a Round Table Pizza and even had their featured Skinny Crust. We ate outside - something I haven't done in Michigan for a few months!

Tuesday night we went to a very interesting restaurant - one I would definitely recommend if you are in the Santa Rosa, CA area. It's called Tex Wasabi's. The name gives it away, but yes, it is a combo of Southern BBQ and Sushi. We had a nice sampling of the Sushi, and then I had a nice steak. Very good food!

The last place I want to highlight is Mike's Burgers. You have to go for the atmosphere. As a sample, here's part of what Mike's menu says at the top: "Many restaurants charge .10 to .75 cents for cheese. Mike charges a nickel to take it off, 'cause he thinks it should be there!" I agree with Mike. The burgers are huge - once you get it up, you better not put it down! Of course, you won't want to because it's that good!

So there's my food week review! I'm glad to be home. Now if I could just convince my body I'm in the eastern time zone!

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