FolderShare Now Free

posted on 11/08/05 at 12:31:31 am by Joel Ross

Last week, Microsoft announced they were purchasing Foldershare, presumably to integrate with Office Live. I wondered what changes would occur - Lookout was free after Microsoft bought them - and today, the first change was revealed. It's free too! You used to be able to use it for free for a couple of folders and a few files, but now, there's no limits. I've been using FolderShare for a few weeks now, and it's a great tool to backup important files and just ensure that what I do is getting backed up.

So now, you can share as many files and folders across as many machines as you want without it costing a dime! In cases like this, it's nice when Microsoft jumps into a market!

If Microsoft's looking for a feature request, here's one: Make a client for the Pocket PC. I could use that to synch my podcasts to my MP3 player! And for those who thought it was some sort of conspiracy that shortly before Microsoft bought FolderShare that the Mac client was pulled, well, it's back - AFTER Microsoft bought them.

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