Do You Have a Vanity Folder?

posted on 12/02/07 at 08:40:08 pm by Joel Ross

I don't need another reason to be vain. Just ask the people that sit around me at the office! But Darren Rowse says I need to be more vain - and to do that, I need a vanity folder in my feed reader. Why?

The reason I call it my Vanity folder is that it’s a folder that is absolutely and completely dedicated to…. well me. The purpose of the folder is to track any mention of me or my blogs around the blogosphere (and in mainstream media).

He's joking about being more vain (as am I), and then goes on to give a few bullet points highlighting why you should be tracking yourself throughout the blogosphere.

I've had a vanity folder to track my blog posts so I can see who's linking to me or mentions me. I also use it to track links to Tourney Logic, NuSoft Solutions, and a few clients that we've built public facing web sites for. I've found press coverage on a few different things before most others saw it - including a press release that we were told internally was being held for another week or so!

Do you have a vanity folder? What do you track? If you do, what's the most interesting thing you've found so far?

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