Developer To Designer?

posted on 2004-12-12 at 23:20:50 by Joel Ross

Julia Lerman provides a link to Mike Gunderloy's newest book - Developer To Designer. I'm reading through Coder To Developer right now (slowly, as usual), and it's a great book with a great list of tools in it. The website is a good resource too, as it has links to most of the tools in the book.

The new book is going to be right up my alley. It's designed for people like me. My designs are horrible, and I could use the practical knowledge this book can provide. It'll be a book I get as soon as it comes out.

One side note. The description talks about how in a perfect world you let the designer do the UI for you, and that no one lives in a perfect world. Well, based on this, I do! My past two projects (three, if you count Tourney Logic) have been done by these guys, and they do an awesome job! Basically, I get a template of a page, and then integrate it into the working code. And voila! We have a "pretty" design!

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