CruiseControl.NET 0.9.2

posted on 2005-06-24 at 00:55:45 by Joel Ross

No, it's not out yet, but I saw one of the features they added, and I want it now! It supports getting the latest version automatically from Vault instead of relying on a nant script to do so for you. This would be a huge benefit to me right now, because I'm having issues with not being able to do this right now.

Here's why: I am only building one project, and I have multiple projects because I am monitoring a bunch of folders. I only want to rebuild projects that need to be rebuilt if something changes that affects that project.

If I include all of those in one CCNET project, then if anything changes, it calls my build file, and I end up getting the latest of all files, which causes everything to be rebuilt - which takes 10-15 minutes.

By getting the source automatically through CCNET, I can do what I want - have one project, and be confident that only files that changed were updated, and my build will be optimal.

Now, when will 0.9.2 be released?

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