CruiseControl.NET 0.8

posted on 2005-01-20 at 22:09:56 by Joel Ross

Thoughworks has released the latest version of CruiseControl.Net - 0.8. From the release notes it looks like most of the work has been done on the dashboard and project reporting, and they are now recommending migrating to the dashboard over the single project web application.

We are migrating our source to a new server next week, and will have to reinstall CruiseControl.NET on the new build server. Maybe a time to upgrade to the latest version? We'll see. We have a tight deadline, so we may not have time. We skipped 0.7, and don't feel like we are missing anything.

But eventually, I'll start using 0.8. It may be my next project, but I'll start using it eventually.

Categories: Software