CruiseControl 1.3

posted on 06/20/07 at 11:21:36 pm by Joel Ross

I monitor the RSS feed for updated documents on the CruiseControl.NET website, and the other day, I saw the release notes for version 1.3 come through. Now, I'm not quite like i used to be?- as soon as a new release was out, I'd pull it down and get it up and running. Now, I'm a little more cautious when I upgrade. I need a reason - either a new CI installation or a compelling reason to upgrade.

Well, 1.3 has a compelling reason to upgrade! Queues. You don't realize you need it until you, well, need it. But once you realize you do need it, you seem to butt up against it more and more. On a couple of projects in the past, we've used shared DLLs which would get compiled in the same location for two different projects, and sometimes, when those built at the same time, we'd get build failures because the files it was trying to write to was locked. I know, I know - each should have gotten latest to a different folder, so this wouldn't happen, but we had reasons for doing what we did. Anyway, if we had queues though, we wouldn't have had to worry about this situation. We could have just queued up the builds, and avoided the collisions.

Coincidentally, this week, I'm doing training on how to use continuous integration, and I went to download the latest, expecting to see version 1.3. But it apparently hasn't been released yet - even though the release notes are out there. At least it gives me something to look forward to!

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