Congrats to pwarner!

posted on 03/02/06 at 10:44:44 pm by Joel Ross

Congratulations to pwarner for winning the Second Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest. He (yes, I know for sure that pwarner is a male) gained the most points throughout the tournament. We'll be sending out his $25 Best Buy gift certificate soon!

While pwarner won it all, everyone who entered helped us out tremendously, and I want to thank everyone for that! We were able to find quite a few bugs and squash all of them. Fortunately, none of those issues involved any type of data loss - the one that confused?a lot of people was the bracket change that happened at the last minute - the 12th overall person dropped out of the tourney due to a back injury, and numbers 64 through 13 all moved up one slot, throwing the whole bracket out of whack. Luckily, we have a way to edit the bracket, so anyone who was able to get back into their bracket could fix it up. Not that i tprobably made much of a difference - the seeding of this tourney is much less of a factor than it tends to be in March Madness. Anyone can beat just about anyone!

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