CodeSmith 2.6 Is Out

posted on 2004-09-28 at 10:21:06 by Joel Ross

CodeSmith 2.6 has been released. I've used this tool on numerous occasions, and it's awesome. I'm downloading it right now. We've used it to generate our data layer, our data entities, and our stored procedures. It works great. Flawlessly! Eric has done a great job with this tool.

I've even seen the benefit of CodeSmtih Studio! I don't purchase many tools, but after seeing the Studio (our client purchased it), I was impressed. I'm going to push to get it purchased for us to use in house.

It looks like most of the improvements are in CodeSmith Studio, but I'll be interested to see what the Visual Studio enhancements are.

You can download it here.

Categories: ASP.NET