Blurring the Lines Between Work and Life

posted on 2005-03-21 at 23:44:45 by Joel Ross

Usually when I say that, I'm referring to working during times when I should be spending time with my family. Now, it's the other way around too.

Let me explain. Some of you who've read this site for a while may recall that my wife is pregnant. She's scheduled for a C-Section in a few weeks, but we've already been into the E.R. three times now. The last trip was Friday night, and we didn't get back to the house until Sunday afternoon. She's been put on complete bed rest, with the threat that if she has to go back in, she'll be parked there until the baby is born.

So far, she's doing pretty good with the whole bed rest thing. She has a lot she wants to do, and she wants to help. Convincing her to stay down is tough, but her safety and the baby's well being is more important than her desire to help out.

So, I get to play Mr. Mom for a few weeks. I'm lucky enough to have a flexible enough job that allows me to work from home, even going as far as to allow me to get my work done during non-standard hours. Having a team three time zones away helps too - when I start working around 8:00 PM, they are getting ready to finish their day up.

Her problems aren't severe right now - but that can change in a hurry. The baby isn't in any danger, and given that she's 36+ weeks along, they could do the C-Section at any time, without any adverse effects. The goal is to get to 38 or 39 weeks, but babies survive at 36 weeks, usually not even requiring an extended stay at the hospital.

But until the birth, just call me Mr. Mom!

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