BlogRush - Is It Worth It?

posted on 10/09/07 at 10:53:33 pm by Joel Ross

A few weeks ago, I got some ambition to update my blog skin - minor tweaks, really, but one of the things I did add was a BlogRush widget (FYI, that link includes my referral code). If you're in a feed reader and curious, click through to see it.

BlogRush is kind of like AdSense in that it displays content that should be of interest to people reading my blog. A lot of the links in the widget are something I would be interested in, so it definitely works. My question of whether it's worth it is because since about the day I signed up, they've been slammed with new sign ups, and I haven't been able to see much about what I'm contributing or what I'm getting in return. I know my web traffic has been going up by roughly 5-10% per week over the past few weeks, and subscribers are up in the past month as well, but I can't be sure if it's BlogRush or just that I've been posting more lately - which tends to increase my traffic anyway.

For example, today, it says I have 101 credits - and 813 for the past 7 days. But there's not much details about what that gets me, really. And the reports have said there's not enough info yet, so that doesn't help either. They're supposed to be rolling out new features and better hardware, so I think I'm going to wait it out, but if it doesn't happen soon or I don't get a good feeling about what I'm getting for my contributions, I may have to bail.

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