posted on 2005-10-09 at 22:27:55 by Joel Ross

Jason Salas posted a while back about another Memeorandum-like service called Blogniscient. I've been looking at it over the past few weeks, and it looks pretty good. Jason even got them to add RSS feeds.

One thing that I see that they have that some of the others don't is a top blog list.

Oh yeah - they offer more than politics and tech. They also have entertainment and sports. Well, sports is a relative term - right now, it's only baseball, which is disappointing because I don't really follow baseball. I'd love to see a general sports section or a football section.

Here's the part I found funny though. The slogan is "Finding The Needle In the Blog Haystack" but when I look at the blogs listed in politics and tech (the two categories that I follow the most), the blogs listed (and those on the Top Blogs page) aren't exactly what I would call needles. Those are more like pitchforks!

Oh well. Slogans are slogans. The service is still pretty good - I see most of the major news stories flow through there, which is what you look for in something like this.

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