Back In California

posted on 05/25/04 at 01:31:08 am by Joel Ross

Well, for the week, I'm back in California - but not for TechEd. I'm here for a client, again. We've finished up the database, and now we are working on the data access layer, as well as the data entities.

I'll get to that eventually, and blog about our whole design. Right now though, I just need to get some stuff done. I'm sitting in a hotel, working on generating the necessary code using CodeSmith. I had a chance to see the Studio (which I never was able to see - the 30 day use expired before I ever opened it), and I really do like it. I'm considering pushing my company to purchase it. It's absolutely awesome how powerful the tool is!

Anyway, I'll get to the design here, as well as my "ah hah" moment I had last week about software architecture! It was a major break through for me. But not now. Later.

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