Andrew Connell Gave Me A Free MSDN Subscription!

posted on 04/11/06 at 12:06:11 am by Joel Ross

I got a nice little treat in the mail today.

Andrew Connell, who is one of five or six (I think) CMS MVPs, has been very kind to me. A couple of months ago, partly as a result of some minor information I threw his way, he asked me if I had an MSDN subscription, which I didn't. He told me that as an MVP, he got a few subscriptions to give to people he deemed to be "Development Influencers" and apparently I've fooled him enough into thinking I am one!

Seriously though, this afternoon, I got my invite from him. It's a very cool little brushed metal card with a website on it, which I immediately went to and entered the code. My MSDN subscription information is on the way, and I'm very excited!

I'll post some more information about it once I get the kit in the mail, but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Andrew now!

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