Adding Strangers As Friends?

posted on 08/16/07 at 12:18:10 am by Joel Ross

To start with, I need to make a confession. I'm getting more and more hooked?on Facebook. I'm also on MySpace, but it doesn't have the same appeal that Facebook does for some reason. Maybe it's because profiles don't look absolutely hideous.

Anyway, even though I check in on Facebook quite a bit, I only have a few friends. I don't add a lot of people. When I do run across someone I know pretty well, I'll add them, but if I don't know them that well, I typically won't ask to be friends.

Tom and Molly?touched on this type of thing on Buzz Out Loud either today or yesterday (I can't remember which). First, users of Facebook are commonly willing to add strangers as friends, and second, shouldn't there be something between no relation and a friend?

What prompted me to write about this? I saw Jeff Sandquist's post about updating Twitter from Facebook. I follow Jeff on Twitter, so I've seen his updates coming through. Pretty cool, actually. Anyway, at the bottom of his post he has a link to add him as a friend on Facebook. I clicked it, went through the process, and then stopped. Does being an anonymous reader of Jeff's blog make us friends?

And in case you caught it - yes, I will follow people on Twitter that I don't know (Jeff, for example). For some reason, social networks seem different.

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