A Few Tourney Pool Manager Customers

posted on 2005-03-15 at 23:18:30 by Joel Ross

So the NCAA tournament is almost here, and you're wondering where you can go to win prizes. Yeah, you could go to ESPN.com or CBS Sportsline, but what's the likelihood you'll beat out 100,000 other people?

So why not try a couple of smaller pools? For my 18+ audience, why don't you try Playboy.com's Beat Dave Kaplan contest? You could win a $500 shopping spree! This one probably isn't safe for work!

How about something that is? Well, there's one at Bracketopia (I love that domain!). It's being run by the owner of Mock Draft Central, a company local to Grand Rapids. Brian and I had lunch with him a few weeks ago. He had lots of great ideas for us!

How about a chance at $1,000,000? Check out Bet Jamaica. If you pick every game right to the Final Four, you could win a cool million!

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