A Few Tools With New Releases

posted on 2004-11-30 at 00:19:03 by Joel Ross

First, NAnt has reached release candidate 1 for version .85. Here's the release notes. Quite a bit has changed! NAntContrib (NAnt's "feature pack") also hit RC1, which makes sense, since they are used in conjunction with each other.

And in case this is the only place you come for .NET news and somehow missed everyone talking about it, TestDriven.net has hit 1.0. This used to be NUnitAddin, and it allows you to run unit tests directly from Visual Studio .NET by right clicking on a test.

Both tools are a part of my every day development, and if you haven't tried either one, you should give them a try.

Sourcegear released version 3.0 of Vault, as well as version 1.0 of Dragnet, their new bug tracking software. And of course, they integrate together. Very nice. The more I use Sourcegear's software, the more impressed I am with them. And oddly enough, the bug I was having with SourceOffSite fixed itself over the weekend! Be sure to check out Eric Sink's post about the release, as there are some warnings you should read over before upgrading.

The only thing I didn't see about Vault and Dragnet is whether or not Sourcegear will continue to offer a one user license for free. I guess I'll just have to download it and try it out.

UPDATE: Jeff Clausius was kind enough to let me know that both Vault and Dragnet offer a free one user license - as they always do!

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